Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery  is an efficient Windows data recovery software to recover deleted, lost files, folders and formatted exFAT, NTFS, and FAT partitions from a Windows-based hard drive. The Windows recovery utility is compatible with Windows 7 and supports recovery of MS Office 2010 documents. Windows recovery tool is also applicable for photo recovery, email recovery and recover various media files. Stellar Windows data recovery software can be used for Windows partition recovery after formatting the hard drive.




Windows data recovery software recovers deleted Windows files from all data loss situations. Recover lost, formatted images from various storage media.

  • Recover deleted files (PDF, Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Photo, Music, and Video) from all instances of deletion
  • Recovers data from formatted partitions
  • Supports recovery of NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file systems
  • Displays the preview of the files before actual recovery
  • Allows to search for a particular file/folder in the drive
  • Supports different storage devices such as hard disk, memory cards, USB drives etc
  • Supports recovery of 185 different file formats
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Windows recovery tools recover lost, deleted, missing pictures, songs, and videos from hard drive, USB drive, and memory card.

  • Supports all features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 4.2 – Home Edition
  • Recovers deleted emails from MS Outlook and Outlook Express
  • Option for Raw recovery
  • Signature based recovery to customize the recovery option

Bonus Add Ons:

  • Drive Cloning
  • Drive Imaging
  • SMART Update
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I was able to recover everything I needed from my damaged disk. I recovered all my email from the last nine months, and I have rescued all the documents and images from the same period. My email inbox was 250 megabytes and it recovered every byte.

You are geniuses and saints too. I will recommend you to a friend.                    Daniel

Press Release


Stellar Data Recovery- Gurgaon (India)- the industry leader in data recovery software development has launched the upgraded version of its award winning data recovery software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery v4.2. Stellar has introduced a simple easy to use version for Home users – called as Home Edition and Advanced feature version of the software for professional/advanced users.



The Windows registry is a comprehensive database that stores all the configuration settings of your computer. It contains information about the low-level applications as well as for applications running on the platform. All the registry information is stored in the SYSTEM hive, which is prone to corruption owing to several reasons like virus infections, power outages, etc.

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